Save an average of $2000 per employee by predicting turnover with our AI systems

Our state of the art ML-models are able to predict an employees intention to leave with 90% accuracy up to six months before they will quit

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Benefits of TurnUp

Save 15% on Hiring Costs

Save thousands per year for each employee you have by preventing costly turnovers and never worry about losing your best employees again


Simple but Powerful

TurnUp is straightforwad interface gets you the actionable data you need where you need it.

Keep employees happy

By indenifying flight risks and anticipating their needs you can continually delight your workforce.

Track Impact

Understand what is working and what isn't so you can stay accountable to your KPIs

Deepdive on what matters

Drill into individual employees and get visibility on their unique drivers.

Easy Integration

We Integrate Into Any HRIS System in Less Than 20 Minutes

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Drive the Bottom Line

Don't let good employees slip through your fingers. With TurnUp you can compare your cost of churn with performance to understand business impact.

Relevant Alerts

Setup powerful automated alerts and reports so that you are never surprised by turnover again.

Powerful Filters

Filter and group employees so you can see specific trends and rollup numbers for the categories that matter to you.

Actionable Reccomendations

Specific reccomendations on what levers you can pull to retain the employees that matter most to you.


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Ready to save money?

Increase your employee retention with our AI systems

TurnUp is an AI company built to save you money by telling you which employees and potential hires are going to leave, and what you can do to make them stay in the long term.
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